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Jordan! :D
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! My name is Jordan! I will not give out my last name for security reasons. And my mom told me not to. orz
I like to do a variety of things! I use MikuMikuDance regularly, I draw (Both digital and pencil+paper), I like to sculpt, I like playing with food, and I like to watch ridiculous YouTube videos~

Here's some general information about me!
Age: 16! <3
Ethnicity: I'm half Korean and half white. :I
Languages Spoken: English, but I can read/write in Korean. Can't understand or speak it. (Yet! *_*)
Interests: Anything and everything cute! Vocaloid! Art! Korean stuff! Japanese stuff! Asian stuff in general! ('Merica sucks. loljk) I also like watching Eat Your Kimchi videos, made by Simon and Martina Stawski. They're so awesome! I want to move to Korea one day to immerse myself in the culture~ They've officially inspired me. * u *
Hobbies: Working with MikuMikuDance (Mainly pictures), doodling, making silly nonsense comics, drawing sexy (ugly creepy molester) faces, playing with BuckyBalls/BuckyCubes, Minecraft (Full version is for losers! ;_; ...) etc.
Music: I mainly like Alternative Rock (Foo fighters, Neon Trees, etc.) and some country (I grew up with it). Pop is okay if it has an awesome beat and cool lyrics. I HATE rap. The ONLY exceptions to rap are Gangnam Style, Renai Circulation, and any applicable 2NE1 songs. Speaking of 2NE1, I love them! KPOP is great :D Some other groups I like are Miss A, SNSD, 4Minute, and some others. h8rz g0nn4 h8. JPOP is cute, too. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu all the way! Pon pon way way way~ Can't forget Vocaloid!~

Since this DeviantArt account mainly deals with Vocaloid/MMD, I'm going to list some Vocaloid/MMD stuff~

Favorite Model(s): Mamama-P's SeeU and GUMI Whisper!
Favorite Modelers: Mamama-P, ISAO, Kakomiki, and mqdl! Souro-P as beautiful models too, but.. the breasts.. < n >
Favorite Vocaloids: SeeU, IA, GUMI, and Luka~ c:
Favorite Songs: NOTE: I have a VERY long list! I'm only naming my all time favorites! In parenthesis is my favorite version of the song and might not the original singer!
- Ai Kotoba (Miku)
- Yellow (Miku)
- +REVERSE and -ERROR (Namine Ritsu)
- Just Be Friends (Luka) and Answer (IA)
- RINGxRINGxRING (Kasane Teto)
- Hello Again (Rin Warm Append and Len Serious Append)
- Run (SeeU)
- Happy Synthesizer (Luka and GUMI)
- Imagination Forest (IA)
- Toeto (Luka)
- Green Straight (GUMI)
- Gigantic Girl (Miku)
- Hello/How Are You (Miku)
- The Childish Girl and the Grown Up World (GUMI)
- Tell Your World (Kasane Teto)
- Double Lariat (Luka)
- 月西江 (SeeU) - This is in Chinese. Super beautiful! Check it out.
- Iroha Song (Rin)
I'm sorry for making my list super hige Q_Q Pleasedon'tkillme

My Favorite Deviants! :iconjordanwindows: :iconaisuchuu: :iconchiharu-kyu: Yay! I love all of your guys' work and all three of you are super nice! Thank you for making me smile~ v u v ..<3

Favorite -plz Accounts! I'm going to add onto this as time goes by! <3

:iconpervymikuplz: :iconpervykaitoplz: :iconpervylenplz: :iconpervyrinplz: :iconpervygumiplz: :iconpervyseeu2plz: :iconpervyirohaplz: :iconpervyiaplz: :iconpervyaokilapisplz:
:icongawwplz: :icondesireyouplz: :iconichaincameplz: :iconleleleplz: :icondesucraiplz: :iconcryforeverplz: :iconimissedyouplz: :iconamazingplz: :iconfangasmplz: :iconohyouplz: :iconohmeplz: :iconnomeplz: :iconohusplz: :iconnousplz: :iconmegustaplz: :iconmingplz:
:iconlazycryplz: :iconlazydieplz: :iconasdfghplz: :iconlaplz: :iconexcitedlaplz: :iconbummyplz:
loljk, I know. I don't use MMD very much honestly. :iconmingleleleplz:

[x] Loaded a Model in MMD
[x] Loaded a Motion in MMD
[x] Made your own Motion data
[x] Used effects (MME) in MMD
[x] Loaded a Pose in MMD
[x] Made your own Pose data in
[x] Made your own Camera data
[x] Uploaded a MMD picture online
[x] Uploaded a MMD video online
[x] Loaded a Stage in MMD
Total so far: 10

[ ] Made your own MMD model edit
[ ] Distributed an edited model
[ ] Made an edit out of TDA
Append Miku
[ ] Made an edit out of Lat Miku
[ ] Made an "Illegal" edit
[x] Traded a model
[x] Used a Windows 100%/MelonBooks model
[x] Edited a MMD picture in a graphic editing program (Photoshop, GIMP etc)
[ ] Made a FAKE ISAO Miku
[ ] Distributed an Illegal edit
Total so far: 13

[x] Used the "Interpolation Curve"
[x] Know what the "Interpolation Curve" does
[ ] Merged 2 faces into one
[x] Used MMM (MikuMikuMoving) MMM is a beautiful program.
[ ] Rather use MMM then MMD
[x] Made a MMD wallpaper
[x] Use a MMD wallpaper on your desktop
[x] Use a MMD icon/avatar
[ ] Own a MMD site/blog
[ ] Is a member of a MMD Facebook group
Total so far: 19

[x] Is a member of a MMD group on DA
[ ] Made a Cyber Model
[x] Made a recolor
[ ] Rigged a Game-Ripped Model
[ ] Collect a certain kind of model
[ ] Spend at least 30 min with MMD/MMM/PMD editor every day
[x] Most of your pictures in your DA inbox are MMD related
[ ] Made a MOTME entry
[ ] Won a MOTME competition
[ ] Competed in the MOMI cup
Total so far: 22

[x] Know who Yu Higuchi is
[x] Have used Animasa Miku
[ ] Have edited Animasa Miku
[x] Made your own MMD meme
[x] Filled out someone elses MMD meme
[x] Made a MMD Eye/Hair texture
[ ] Distributed a MMD Eye/Hair texture online
[ ] Made a .spa/.sph file
[ ] Made a MMD model from scratch in a 3D editing program
[x] Made a stage from scratch in a 3D editing program
Total so far: 28

[ ] Converted a model/stage from a game (l3DCG/Project Diva etc) to MMD
[x] Used parts ripped from 3DCG on an edit
[ ] Know what .pmd and .pmx stands for
[x] Know the effects "diffusion" and "AdultShader"
[ ] Post at least a one MMD picture online every week
[ ] Have made your own MMD persona/self-model
[ ] Have made at least one of your OC's into a MMD model
[x] Made an MMD picture with inspiration from a song or poem
[x] Own more then 5 GB of MMD related material (models, stages, effects etc)
[x] Have changed your computer to japanese locale or use apploc
Total so far: 33

[x] Mostly use your DA account for MMD related art
[x] Have been doing MMD for at least a year (1 year anniversary )
[ ] Know the story about Nanami and the western MMD community
[ ] Rather work with pmx editor then pmd editor
[ ] Have merged several different body parts to make your own base
[x] Know how toons work
[ ] You own every Windows 100% model that has been released
[x] You love TDA Miku append
[ ] You know how to add facials/expressions to a model
[ ] You know how to add bones/physics and joints to a model
Total so far: 37

[ ] Know who the EITC are
[ ] Follow some MMD tumblrs
[ ] Have written to a japanese MMD model maker
[ ] Have gotten a reply from a japanese MMD model maker
[ ] Regularly visit Kio, Saboten, Kakomiki and Mamamas blogs
Total Score: 37

Take your total and divide it by 75... and then take that number and multiply it with 100
Make the title of this journal "I'm ____% MMDer"

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